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Some of what I know (by Corrin Aledrinker)

We are currently based in South Twin Lake. North by northwest of us, also on the lakefront, is North Twin Lake Village, currently home to the orcs of the Pelt Tribe.

Due West of that lie the ruins of Westmarch. Between here and there is leprechaun territory.

South by southeast of us is Baenroc Castle. West southwest of the castle, atop the 300 foot hill, lives The Hermit. Farther south lie the ruins of the villages of Moradin, Ioun, Vekna, and Raquen. East southeast of the castles is the ruin of the village of Zehir.

There are also three settlements I’m aware of: Lolth, southwest of the ruins of Ioun, Pelor due east of Vecna, and Avandra, due east of our own village of South Twin Lake.

Here’s what I know of the History of the World.

I’ve also found out about the most common Languages in the world!

Oh, and here’s our Magic-treasure!

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