hit dice


armour/shield permitted

leather or studded leather only, shields allowed

weapons permitted


class abilities

1. assassination

if an assassin gains surprise he or she may elect to assassinate the victim. the assassin need not roll to hit for an assassination attempt, which is a special attack resulting in a chance to kill the victim instantly and ensure damage even if the victim is not successfully killed. the percentage to kill a victim is 50% with a bonus of 5% per level of the assassin and a penalty of 5% for every two levels of the target. if the assassination attempt does not succeed, the attack still inflicts normal damage, together with any applicable bonuses. the assassin does not gain backstab multiple damage on a failed assassination attempt, even if the assassination attempt is from behind.

2. backstab

an assassin may backstab (+4 to hit) with any of the melee weapons permissible to the thief class. backstabbing multiplies damage as follows:
levels 1-4 = 2x
levels 5-8 = 3x
levels 9-12 = 4x
levels 13- 16 = 5x

3. Disguise

assassins are masters of disguise. within reasonable limits, an assassin can make him- or herself appear slightly shorter of considerably taller, thinner or fatter, or of the opposite gender. they can even disguise as the opposite race, within reason. anyone observing the disguised assassin has a base 2% chance to see through the disguise with one chance per day to do so. this penalty increases another 2% if the assassin is posing as another class, race, or gender for a max of 8% chance.

4. Poison

the assassin is no more capable than other classes to use poison, but have more opportunities to gain knowledge of poisons and their effects.

5. thief abilities

at level one, an assassin has thieving abilities equal to a level one thief, but is not able to upgrade them further until level four.

Advanced abilites

1. languages (9th)

at level nine, if the assassin has higher than 15 intelligence, he may elect to learn languages not available otherwise such as druids cant, alignment languages other than their own, and thieves cant, but only to a maximum of 4, and only 1 per level past 8.

2. Read Scrolls (12th)

when an assassin reaches 12th level, he or she has received sufficient training to cast spells from an arcane scroll (M-U or Illusionist)


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