Hero's Gauntlet

Hyacinth and the twelve

a new character joins the fray

a brief history of the twelve

The original twelve eledrin were brought into this wild and chaotic world rather by mistake. In fact, they began their lives as elves in a rather central portion of their kingdom in the westergreen forest. When the time came for their right of passage, they sang their traditional song of transformation; during which, one key phrase was left out that kept them tied to the natural world and out of the fey. this mistake created the twelve, but no more. Any elf following in their footsteps has ended up dead, or hideously disfigured without so much as a hint of why it worked the first time. after some time, the elves came to revere the eledrin as demi-gods, which forced the distrusting twelve out of the elven kingdom and far to the southern tip of the westergreen.

The journey of Hyacinth

after hearing rumors of a thirteenth Eledrin roaming the world, Hyacinth decided to leave her place among the twelve to investigate these claims. After many months of travel, she finally found her way to south twin lake (after stealing a chest from a group of untrusting bandits left it unguarded to duel one another). Once there, she met Arferth who led her to Mindartis (who was relaxing out on the lake during his only day away from his apprentices of privateering). after fifteen minutes of waiting for mindartis to come back to shore, Arferth led Hyacinth back to the courtyard garden behind the PC’s mansion and allowed her to wait by the oak tree for mindartis to arrive. When he finally did show up, there was a brief exchanging of words between the two.



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