Hero's Gauntlet

The Saurian Temple

In Search of the Flail of the Apeman

We’ve been hanging around in South Twin Lake forever, it seems. Recently, Mindartis, Fabio, Andrea, Pallando, Enteri, Klaus, and I (Corrin) got together to discuss our options. It seems each of the races has something they’d like us to do for them… the Pelt Tribe wants help finding ingredients for ale (my second favorite option); the leprechauns have requested our help in a border dispute somewhere in the Fay realms; etc. I convinced everyone that it was high time Mindartis found a weapon of power, as he is the founder of our group, and still without one. We’d heard rumors of a flail with great magic, the Flail of the Apeman. In fact, the rumors said it was most likely in the Saurian Temple… so that’s where we headed.

On the way, the leprechauns asked again if we’d help them, and we assured them we would… but had a different task first. When we got to the Saurian city, we found them just beginning a Harvest Fest. Thanks to our previous help, they’re crop yields were three times greater than ever before! They allowed us access to their temple, although we later found out that wasn’t such a big deal.

After searching most of the first level, getting separated via magical trap, and battling giant horse flies, we managed to exit the temple. Pallando had made it out of the temple before the rest of us, and rather than try to find his way back, had wandered the stalls of the Saurian market and found and purchased a temple map, and keys!

After recovering for several days, we reentered the temple, this time with map and keys in hand. We explored the few rooms we’d missed previously on the first level, then headed down to the second, where we met and were attacked by a party of 10 men. After easily dispatching six of them, the rest surrendered, and we learned they, too, had been granted access and purchased a map of the place. In questioning them, we learned they’d been looting the temple for several weeks, and spending it as fast as they earned it… so most of the treasure was long gone. We kept the treasure they’d been carrying, and turned them over to the chief for his gladiatorial games… oh yeah, and it turned out two of them had been Enteri’s squires. Only one of them lived to leave the temple.

Anyway, it turned out they’d found the Flail, and so, while Enteri trained, the rest of us negotiated our shares of the treasure and the magic items still owned by the group, and in the end, Mindartis was able to purchase all seven shares of the Flail. May it serve him well. We returned to South Twin Lake, where I’m writing this now. I believe I’ll try to convince my companions it is time to assist the Orcs of the Pelt Tribe next!

- Corrin Aledrinker



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