Hero's Gauntlet

The beginning part two

an adventure into my first real attempt at DM'ing

we left off last time at the church of the falling skies, this time, we pick up shortly before, with the legend of Darryl the keeper of waters.

the search begins
the adventuring party, having just been released from their indentured servitude began to explore the area around South Twin Lake and began by making their way to the easternmost ruins on the map they were provided. on the way, the party encountered a series of bridges that gapped the two rivers that flowed south. the first was guarded by a large two-headed beast; taller than a man that wielded a great tree trunk as a club. he required the group to answer a riddle to pass over the bridge, which the party quickly obliged to. having beaten the riddle, the party crossed to the second bridge, which was guarded by not one, not two, but three trolls (Per Pallando‘s request). Having dispatched the trolls, the party decided to investigate for treasure under the bridge, and found a large chest tied below. upon opening it, they found the head of Darryl, a solid gold head with gems set in the eye sockets. Darryl began speaking to the party and explained that he didn’t know what he was, but that he needed to find the rest of his body and that he could control any water he got close to. the group, having found treasure, decided to leave and go back to South Twin Lake.

The next piece of Darryl was recovered during the split of the falling skies. while the people of south twin lake were arguing amongst themselves, Klaus asked for their idol, which just so happened to be Darryl’s right leg. while unattached, the leg hovered in walking motions underneath Darryl’s head.

the third piece of Darryl found was by Mindartis during a favor for the league of Baenroc. while the league was away, mindartis was allowed to search through the dungeon below the castle and found Darryl’s torso. when contact was made, Darryl’s head fused seamlessly with the torso, and returned some of his memories: that he was created by Davrik and a brief history of where he was created, Arterra. shortly afterward, Darryl’s leg fused with the rest of him revealing where the second leg of the journey to Arterra would start and which direction to go in.

the fourth piece of Darryl was recovered during a trip to West March Village where the Saurians were using his left arm as a magic item that irrigated their orchards and fruit crops during the dry months. the party helped devise a system of canals as a substitute and were allowed to reclaim Darryl’s left arm. after fusing the arm back onto his body, Darryl remembered that he was supposed to be providing the city of Arterra with fresh water. frantic to return home, Darryl begged the party to do what they could to find the rest of his body: his right arm and left leg. so far, no progress has been made towards that goal.

miscellaneous happenings in the world
during the party’s travels, they met a rowdy group of leprechauns with extreme magical power. during their first few encounters, the party began hearing bagpipes (pumped out of the speakers on their amazing DM’s laptop) right before being attacked by hoards upon hoards of skeletons. if the skeletons didn’t knock them out, a powerful sleep spell did, and the party found themselves robbed of their gold. eventually, the party happened across a small box within the mausoleum that held a small group of mariachi skeletons within. in a stroke of genius, the party took the chest to the leprechauns and worked out a lifetime pass through the leprechauns territory.

in the meantime, A group of Grey Orcs from the far north came down and settled in the ruins of North Twin Lake village, reinforcing it and claiming it as their own. the green orcs, wary of the newcomers, asked the party to investigate the new tribe and, if able, join them in the human-orc pact. The party, now well equipped and practically swimming in money, obliged the green orcs and made their way to north twin lake. while there, each member had their fortunes told by an old grizzled orc woman, and bought a round of Dragon’s Blood Ale. during a meeting with the leader of the tribe, they convinced the Pelt Tribe to join the pact and peace was made.



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