Hero's Gauntlet

Dragon Fight

Arena: a 100 ft. diameter ice cavern with a large 15 ft. tall mountain of gold and other treasures.
One young white dragon, standing about 8 ft. tall and 24 ft. long.

The battle: It’s worth noting that the orks have a very traditional view on everything they do. This includes the fight with the dragon. They challenge the dragon in a fight for his blood. They don’t want to kill the dragon; but rather, knock it out to drain his blood for the ale. This tradition has been going on for generations for both orks and dragons alike. Mindartis, Enteri, and two orks decided to charge the dragon head first dealing a good amount of damage in the first bout. Pallando decides to stay behind to cast a powerful ice shield that could protect him from the dragon’s ice breath. Klaus uses magic to jump onto it’s back. Ice breath rips through the party; killing two of our orks and severely wounding Mindartis and Enteri. Pallando shrugs off the blow and leads the charge, with Mindartis and Enteri in his wake, at the dragon head on with his staff in hand. Klaus runs up the dragon’s neck and smacks the side of the dragon’s head with the flat of his blade; the goal was not to kill, but to subdue the dragon into submission. The dragon attacks again, but clumsily misses and slams his face into the ground right next to Mindartis. Mindartis begins channeling his inner pirate and begins running up the dragon’s snoot and grabs a horn like the mast of a ship. He begins to assault the face with no mercy as the dragon tries to shake him off. Everyone gives him one last powerful shot…. and he collapses.

Aftermath: We managed to take the whole pile of gold and treasure, thanks to the seconna and their powerful magics that allowed us to literally carry a whole horde in just two carts. We run as fast as we can back to the portal to bring us home.

Treasure from the horde (Mintaredis, Klaus, Enteri, Pallando):
1,000 copper lbs
1,600 silver lbs
100 elcectrum lbs
500 gold lbs

gems (that are left over): blue white diamond 10,000 gold now cut (gilz-gak is our cutter)

  • Broad sword: defender broadsword – +4 to hit: the user has the option to convert the to hit chance to AC. the +4 does not affect damage. (15,000 gold)
  • Cloak: cloak of resistance – +1 to all saves (1,000 gold)
  • Staff: staff of computation – Allows control of plants, mammals, or humanoids 1 of 11 charges left (25,000 gold)

5 potion bottles: bright yellow (smells acidic), 2 blue, a silvery grey, bright red mist.

scroll case. mage spell: LV 4- extension 1 spell. Written 5 times



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